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Turning Memories into Art: The Perfect Tool for Photography Enthusiasts, Photo Studios & Businesses.

Startup is a revolutionary AI collage maker that turns your photos into exceptional works of art. We've specialized in photo collages, developing an optimal technology and algorithm for creating remarkable photo mosaic collages. By combining AI with our extensive experience in this field, we've designed a user-friendly solution that simplifies the photo collage-making process.

The most intellectual AI collage generator.

Everything you need to know about us.
AI collage generator / WHY CHOOSE US

Why choose Us.We're Huge Fans of Photo Collages

We're passionate about creating photomosaics and collages. We could spend hours discussing nuances, color spaces, DPI resolution, pixels, and formats. We've created over 50,000 collages and have honed our algorithm and technology to perfection. We have been in this field for over 10 years, and this service is the result of all that experience. We pay attention to detail and offer friendly support.

AI collage generator /  our mission

Our Mission.To Make People Feel More Emotions

We dream that every person would feel more emotions and feelings. That valuable photos everyone has wouldn't just pile up in cloud storage but would help to cherish what we have, feel love for our loved ones, ourselves, and understand better where to go and why. We want everyone's home to have a picture made from their valued photos. And our service, together with partners around the world, will help with this.

AI collage generator / what we do

What we Do.Created a Tool to Look at Photos in a New Way

We took the idea of a photomosaic and adapted it as much as possible to the needs of our clients. We've evolved from just software, selling canvases on wooden stretcher bars offline, to now bringing you this service.

Previously, we utilized our software internally, focusing on selling custom collages printed on canvas globally. However, we've decided to take this tool public by launching this startup, thereby making this solution accessible to clients and partners worldwide. This fully online solution requires no powerful server on your end, as all the work is handled automatically.

Having produced and shipped over 15,000 artworks worldwide, our recent advancements have dramatically reduced the time it takes to create a single piece from 3 hours to instantaneously! Whether you're looking to create a photo collage for personal enjoyment, to kickstart your business, or to incorporate our solution into your projects, now is the perfect time to leverage our offerings and start delivering these exceptional collages to your clients.

Join us on this exciting journey. We invite B2B partners to become part of our story, opening up a new revenue stream and offering your clients unique, personalized products that are sure to leave an unforgettable impression.

ai photo collage generator

Advanced algorithm in AI collage maker

Our advanced technology creates stunning photo collages.

Simply upload your main and individual photos, and wait for an email notification when your collage is ready.

ai collage generator

Emotions are the core value

Every piece of artwork will spark a "WOW" reaction from your clients, leading them to eagerly endorse your service!

Our partners engaged in the creation and sale of such mosaic collages through the AI collage generator report that 99% of their clients are satisfied with these artworks. These collages serve as original and intriguing gifts for the many people who possess photographs. Clients order these photomosaic canvases both for themselves and as gifts for loved ones. What people value most are the emotions elicited not by a single photo, but by many cherished photographs, uniquely assembled by color to form a cohesive whole, leaving clients in awe.

A high-resolution image consists of hundreds of individual photos

Combined by color and ready to print in any format

(hover over the image to magnify)

ai collage maker

Features Overview

Features That Will Leave You Amazed
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Advanced Algorithm

After numerous experiments, we have identified the optimal combination from hundreds of different parameters for constructing mosaic collages. AI is utilized at various stages of the photo collage creation cycle.

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Fast Processing Time

After uploading your photos, initiate the collage creation process, and within 5-20 minutes, you will receive an email notification with a preview of the collage in several styles. The service is scalable and capable of creating hundreds of collages simultaneously.

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Multiple Styles

AI analyzes what is depicted in the main image and, based on that, different algorithms are deployed to create collages in several styles by color and by breaking them down into mini-photos. One set of settings is used for a portrait, another for a logo.

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Satisfied Customers

99% of customers were satisfied with the collage and placed print orders.

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Intelligent Cropping

No heads are cut off in the photos, allowing any client's photos, whether vertical or horizontal, to be used in the collage. Cropping can be checked and manually adjusted.

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Intelligent Duplicate Search

You can upload all your photos in a row; the service implements an option to remove similar images. This is very convenient when a client uploads a series of similar photos. Now, visually similar photos won't be next to each other in the collage.

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Intelligent Color Overlay

Important areas are enhanced while the background and less critical elements are subdued, improving the overall balance of the image.

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Every Photo in the Collage

Each photo will appear at least once in the collage.

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Choosing the Most Valuable Photos

There is an option to prioritize certain photos during the selection process, ensuring they appear larger in the final collage.

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High-Resolution Image

The print file resolution is high, at 15,000x15,000 pixels or even larger. It is ready for wide-format printing.

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Supports RAW, HEIC, WEBP

Supports many image formats such as RAW, HEIC, WEBP, and more.

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Download Photoshop PSD

You can download a collage in Photoshop PSD format with layers and customize your collage.

Ai make a collage: Both chaotic and cohesive at once.

Behind a simple idea lies the meticulous development of an algorithm. We have been working with photomosaics for several years and are still refining the technology.

To make a collage, it is suggested to upload one main image and about 300 individual photos. This number is very approximate, and a good piece can be made with any number of individual photos.
The idea of a photomosaic is not to replicate the main photo at 100% but rather to assemble the component photos into a unified whole. Structured chaos gives birth to cohesion. A mosaic represents the collision of two opposites: chaos and unity. Chaos is a collection of mini-images. Each is individual and precise, yet together they form a complete picture. In a harmonious mosaic, in our view, both these entities are combined in a certain balance. As artists, we strive to maintain both the clarity of the main image and the visibility of the individual photos. However, our clients’ perception sometimes differs from our vision. To draw an analogy with the perception of the world: some admire the painting of the sky and sunset, contemplating the overall picture of nature, while others examine a leaf of grass and the tiny, intricate shells in the sand on the beach. To each their own. We can shift the focus of the photomosaic in any direction.
That's why we offer several versions of the collage for selection for each piece.

ai collage generator
ai photo collage generator

AI Collage Maker Video 4K 60fps

Soon, our service will implement a feature allowing users to generate a video for each created collage, showcasing how it is assembled from photos. Below is an example of such a video, custom-made for one of our major clients. The AI collage maker is capable of rendering the video in high resolution, 4K at 60fps, or even 8K at 120fps.
ai photo collage generator video, AI Collage Maker Video 4K 60fps
ai collage maker

Uniqueness with ai collage maker

photo collages are unique works of art created individually for each client.

Each photograph used in the mosaic holds its own significance and story, making the artwork special and personalized.

ai photo collage

Memories and emotions with ai photo collage

The photos used in the mosaic can be associated with important moments and events in people's lives.

Viewing such a canvas allows for reliving and recalling numerous positive emotions and memories.

ai collage generator

Visual impact with ai collage generator

Photo mosaic have a unique aesthetic appeal.

The multitude of small images, combined into one, creates an interesting visual effect that captures attention and arouses curiosity.

collage ai

Decorative and stylish

Photo mosaics can serve as vibrant and original elements of interior decor.

They can accentuate the individuality and style of a home, adding a touch of creativity and uniqueness.

ai photo collage maker

Unique gift with ai photo collage maker

Photo collages can be the perfect gift for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and more.

They represent a unique and personalized gift that will be cherished and memorable.
Photo collages combine emotional value, visual impact, and uniqueness, making them appealing for every home. They allow preserving and highlighting significant moments in life and adding a special charm to the interior. That's why this type of gift is in demand. If you're involved in photography or printing, this service should be offered in your company!

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Personalizing Art Across Audiences, from Home to Corporate

One Platform, Infinite Possibilities. Crafting AI-Driven Art for Every Level of User, from Personal Projects to Business Endeavors
At, we believe that every photograph holds a story, waiting to be told in a truly unique and beautiful way. Our innovative ai collage maker, powered by the latest AI technology, offers a versatile solution designed to cater to various audiences, from individuals cherishing personal memories to businesses seeking to add an artistic touch to their offerings. Discover how can bring value to different users:

For Personal Use

automatic collage maker ai For Personal Use Creating Timeless Gifts and Keepsakes Whether you're looking to create a heartfelt gift for a grandparent, celebrate an anniversary, or simply preserve your family's memories in a distinctive manner, transforms your photos into stunning art. Our intuitive platform allows you to easily create personalized ai photo collages that serve as perfect gifts or elegant decorative pieces for your home.

For Entrepreneurs and Photo Printing Services

photo collage maker ai For Entrepreneurs and Photo Printing Services Elevate Your Business Offering If you're an entrepreneur or own a photo printing service, provides an excellent opportunity to diversify your product range with high-quality ai generated collages. Ideal for printing on canvas or other materials, these collages offer a unique product option for your customers, enhancing your portfolio and setting you apart in the competitive market.

For Creatives and Advertisers

ai tool for photo collage For Creatives and Advertisers Instant Creativity at Your Fingertips For the creatives and advertisers constantly in search of fresh, innovative solutions, our service empowers you to swiftly generate ai collage solutions. Whether for a campaign, a product launch, or branding purposes, enables you to create compelling visuals that capture attention and convey your message in an impactful way.

For Media Agencies

ai collage pictures For Media Agencies Seamless API Integration for Custom Projects offers media agencies the flexibility to integrate our ai collage generator into their platforms via our API. This opens up endless possibilities for creating custom mosaic collage projects from existing photo databases, tailored to specific themes or campaigns. It's an excellent tool for agencies looking to offer a novel service to their clients or execute large-scale projects efficiently.

For Photography-Related Companies

photo collage with ai For Photography-Related Companies A Unique Addition to Your Services Wedding agencies, photographer aggregators, and other businesses within the photography industry can greatly benefit from incorporating into their service offerings. Our platform provides a distinctive option for clients wishing to memorialize their special occasions in a singular and artistic manner.

For Corporations

ai photo collage creator For Corporations Enhanced Customer Engagement with Personalized Collages Large companies with access to client photos can utilize to offer personalized photo collages as part of their customer engagement strategy. This not only provides a unique value addition but also helps in fostering deeper connections with clients by celebrating their significant life moments.

And More

ai photo collage maker online free Unlimited Potential for Any Project's versatility makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications beyond those listed. Whether you're an educator looking to create visual aids, a community organizer aiming to commemorate events, or anyone in-between, our platform provides the tools to transform photos into remarkable art pieces.
Join Us on a Creative Journey Embrace the power of memories transformed into art with Our platform is built to inspire, engage, and deliver value, regardless of your project or business needs. Start exploring the boundless possibilities of photo collage art today and see where creativity takes you.

Enhance or Create Your Business

Additional options for partners ready to print, frame, and sell photo collage prints to their clients, created with our AI collage maker.
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Exclusive Opportunity for Your Location

Become our partner before we close access to the service for new partners.

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Brand it Your Way

We offer a white-label solution that features your logo and company name for customer previews.

small icon for photo collage ai custom url and domain

Your Domain or Subdomain

Our service allows for a special link for clients to upload, crop, and highlight important photos, which can be placed on your domain.

small icon for ai create collage worldwide

Business Development Support

We sell ready-made canvas with mosaic collages worldwide and scale with our service. We'll share all developments, materials, and experience with you to grow your business.

small icon for make a collage ai (scalable for both small and large B2B partners)

Ready for Small and Large B2B Partners

Our system is fully scalable for both small and large B2B partners. We can generate thousands of images per hour or more if needed.

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Possible API Access

If other options do not suit you, add our collage creation and printing service to your site with API integration.

small icon for ai collage maker, your watermark

Your Watermark

You can send your client collage previews with your watermark.

Contact us at to add these options to your account and for consultation. Add collage creation to your list of services! You have nothing to lose, just showcase a few sample collages on your website or send out a newsletter. Start by creating a collage from your own photos. You'll see how convenient and high-quality the result is.
steps for ai collage maker

Easy steps with ai collage maker

You don't need a powerful computer, you can do it all from your smartphone.

No need to process or convert the photos, and no cropping required. If you want to create one more collage with a different main image, simply upload another main photo to existed collage project.
1. Create a project (slot) for a new collage
2. Upload 1 main image
3. Upload the individual photos
4. Press "Make collage" and wait for email notification
That's it!

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